The last days of summer are ending in a blaze of heat, but the end of summer doesn’t need to mean the end of good times. A high-end audio system in your Colorado residence will mean you can jam out to your ideal tunes whether you’re enjoying the pool, cooking a family meal, or unwinding in your bedroom. Friends and family will want to flock to your home for the never-ending party that takes music indoors and outdoors. Here are Xssential’s top ways to end the summer with multi-room audio.

Enjoy Music in Any Room

Several studies have shown that you can build more harmony between friends and family by listening to music together. However, if only your living room has a set of speakers, then anyone in the kitchen may feel they’re missing out on the fun as they’re caught in the “dead zone” of sound separation. This issue is easily solved with a whole-home audio system! A full stereo system isn’t necessary for every room; a single bookshelf, in-wall, or floor-standing speaker that emits high-quality sound per room is enough to ensure everyone is part of the party. When connected to a single audio system, every synced speaker will play the same song simultaneously. You can easily control the playlists or volume levels with the touch of a button. With music in all the rooms you desire, you’re ready for a house party, a game night, or an at-home concert, just because you can.

Bring the Fun Outside

Here in Colorado, we know that the summer heat will soon be gone to be replaced by snowy winters. With weatherproof outdoor speakers disguised as rocks or installed underground in your yard, music can elevate your summer of fun and extend to making snowy mornings even more magical. No matter the size of your yard, your music will reach from your gazebo to your kids in the pool or the guests playing cornhole. When you connect your outdoor speakers to your whole-home audio system, you can listen to the same soundtrack outside and inside your home. In case you feel like switching it up, play some relaxing ambient noise, including nature sounds, ocean waves, or even a thunderstorm. An outdoor sound system is guaranteed to bring you stress-free time in the great outdoors.

Listen Outside of the Box

A whole-home audio system plays more than your favorite tunes or ambient noise. Think outside of the box and enjoy other forms of media! Make cleaning the house go by faster as you listen to an audiobook, or focus your attention on your breath through a guided meditation. The latest true-crime podcast will leave you gasping in horror as you go from room to room, and you can always pause when you’re leaving one room and heading across the house to resume on the patio. Alternatively, you can allow all your speakers to play audio simultaneously, so you don’t miss a second of the news report from the radio. Your listening options are infinite!

Control Your System with Ease

It’s easier than ever to manage your music through an integrated whole-home audio system. Your mobile device, whether it’s a smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, can alter the volume or sift through your playlist. Alternatively, your friends and family members can try their hand at playing DJ by controlling the system via a wall-mounted control panel or voice command. The touch of a button pauses the entire home’s music when it’s time to sing “Happy Birthday” and cut the cake, or turns the music down in seconds to avoid a noise complaint from cranky neighbors. Invite them over to join the party and you can turn the music back up!

Appreciate Limitless Options

When you allow a team of professionals to install your whole-home audio system, you won’t be limited to listening from a single input or platform. You’ll be able to connect the record player, choose a Pandora station, stream your perfect Spotify playlist, discover new music on Amazon, play educational audio from YouTube, and so much more. Through your centralized control system, you’ll be able to select specific speakers to connect with a particular screen to enjoy a movie night or the big game with family and friends. No matter what you’re listening to, your system will produce a crystal-clear sound that brings you into the full emotions of the music and the action of the story.

Now that you’ve learned how much a whole-home audio system can do, it’s time to bring the benefits to your household. If you want to expand your sound system to more rooms or take it all the way outdoors, our team of professionals at Xssentials is here to help you design and install the system of your dreams. Give us a call today to get started!