Smart home security systems are growing more advanced than ever, granting homeowners greater freedom to choose how they want to protect their homes. CCTV surveillance remains one of the most popular ways homeowners can take note of who comes and goes on their property, especially with home delivery growing in popularity, and it’s looking like this trend is here to stay.  Xssentials has determined four fantastic ways that home surveillance gets smarter in 2022.

Remote Controlled Security

Home automation solutions already allow you to operate nearly everything from the palm of your hand, and this extends to surveillance solutions. Remote systems can use your phone’s GPS to determine if anyone is home before setting the appropriate alarms and sensors. When combined with motion-detection capabilities in cameras, these systems can send your phone a notification and a short video clip when motion is detected, so you can see when a new package arrives at your door or contact the authorities within seconds if someone is trying to break in. Furthermore, you’ll be able to access live camera feeds through your phone, day or night. Through two-way audio, you can even communicate with the person through a pair of speakers at your front door. Now you’ll be able to see and talk with who’s at your front door, no matter where you are!

High-Tech Cameras

As CCTV cameras grow in popularity as a security solution, they become less expensive to produce. This has allowed tech companies to experiment with camera capabilities and give consumers the chance to purchase budget-friendly cameras with thermal and infrared settings that sense heat and movement in low-light or night-time settings, even from afar. Cameras are improving in resolution quality too with 1080p and higher, so you’ll be able to tell if that dark streak running across your yard is a stray cat or the sneaky raccoon breaking into your garbage bins.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is quickly becoming a more personalized solution to securing your home. You may already use features like Apple Face ID to unlock your iPhone or iPad, or Google Photos’ archival software that recognizes different people’s faces in your pictures. The same technology is growing more commonplace in CCTV cameras. This means that your cameras can soon recognize the face of you, your family members, and regular guests, so it can send you a notification that tells you who’s at the door. Now you’ll know when your kids arrive home from school without having to wait for them to message you.

Elevated Video Analytics

Video cameras can store more information than ever, and certain companies are taking advantage of that fact. Some brands offer 911 emergency services directly in their paired mobile app, which allows homeowners to contact fire, police, or medical services depending on the video camera recordings. In case of a burglary, your camera can capture the intruder’s features, which will help police find the culprit quickly and stop more break-ins from occurring in your neighborhood. Several security camera companies offer free cloud storage so you can check the archives for multiple angles of a break-in, old package drop-offs, or fun animal spottings. Whether you have a discreet doorbell camera or a larger system of CCTV cameras, captured recordings provide analytics that will be amplified for security solutions this year.

Does your home already utilize any of these security solutions? Whether you want to learn more about facial recognition or you’d like to give your existing system remote capabilities, our team at Xssentials is prepared to design or install the perfect home security system that protects your property and beloved family members. Contact us today to begin!