This summer, friends and family come together for backyard barbecues and pool parties to beat the heat. If you want to elevate your next outdoor gathering, smart home solutions can enhance your space with underwater pool speakers or a weatherproofed sound system. However you would like to transform your space, Xssentials can install your dream design. Here are the best outdoor places that benefit from smart home solutions.


Want to convert your simple pool into a luxurious oasis? With smart outdoor solutions like underwater wall-mounted lights and speakers, you’ll find yourself swimming laps in color-changing waters while you listen to your favorite summertime playlist. Furthermore, above-ground rock speakers sit next to the pool and blend into your landscape for discreet easy listening. Above-ground lighting around the perimeter of your pool can add visibility for nighttime parties. You can even take it a step further by integrating your lighting with your pool equipment system, meaning you can sync pool lights with bubbling jets, temperature adjustment, and volume control from a centralized panel, app, or remote


Your patio will become your favorite place for calm mornings and late nights. For outdoor spaces, we supply weather-proofed solutions such as multi-channel audio systems and TV displays that expand your entertainment options. You can listen to the latest podcast episode as you lounge in a hammock or enjoy a movie night on a cozy couch. Smart shading control protects your skin and eyesight from the harsh glare of the sun, and smart lighting systems brighten your patio after the sun goes down. A paired app on your smartphone or tablet allows you to operate your AV system and lighting without worrying if you left a remote control exposed to the elements. However, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection to operate your systems. We can install mesh networks that extend consistent coverage to your backyard.


Smart outdoor solutions will benefit the remainder of your backyard’s lawn or garden aesthetically and functionally. Your herbal, flower, or vegetable garden will glow with fresh energy from color-changing lights that also assist their growth. For example, blue light encourages new leaf growth. When blue light is combined with red light, it prompts plants to flower. It’s possible to integrate your lights and outdoor sprinkler system to care for your garden at different times of day, so you’ll see better results while working less. Motion sensors or automated lights can also illuminate your yard to discourage animals from raiding your garden and ruining your beds.

Outdoor Kitchen

If your home has an outdoor grill, bar, or full kitchen, you can elevate the cooking and dining experiences with smart home solutions. By extending Wi-Fi coverage with mesh networks, you can expand your whole-home audio system from the interior of your house to your outdoor living spaces on specialized speakers. With the touch of a button or a simple voice command, you can listen to an audiobook through a weatherproofed sound system as you cook dinner or watch a bartending video tutorial through an outdoor TV display as you prep cocktails. The Sunday night big game will never be better when you don’t have to worry about missing a touchdown while you grill burgers. You can watch it on a 4K screen with cutting-edge clarity and surround-sound that envelops you in the action.

Recreational Courts

You can take the action of your sports matches to the next level when you bring smart outdoor solutions to your recreational courts. Through audio and lighting solutions, your basketball game will be more thrilling than ever. We tailor acoustic treatments for each court with professional speaker installations that are hidden to protect from the potential damage of a stray ball. Lights and music can raise the stakes of your friendly competition, and when dusk turns to night, our automated lights will brighten your courts so you can play tennis well into the night.

Whether you intend to use smart home solutions to aid your garden, enjoy summer movie nights, or elevate the poolside experience, our team at Xssentials is proud to install the best system for your home. If you’re ready to enjoy your yard in a new way, contact our team today to get started!