Motorized shade control is growing in appeal to more homeowners across the nation. It’s now possible to automate nearly every working function of your home, including your blinds! Here are six reasons for making shade control your next home automation solution.


It may not seem overly time-consuming to raise and lower your blinds by hand, but the ability to control each blind of your home in seconds is a game-changer. Adjusting your shades can be done through a mobile app or centralized touch screen that operates your motorized shades. You can also pre-program scenes that adjust your shades as the day progresses. Even if you leave the house and forget to close your blinds, your system has your back.


For many people, waking up is one of the hardest parts of the day, but automated blinds allow you to wake up to natural light when they open in the early hours of the morning. This can even replace a screaming alarm. During the day, the sun may cast an annoying glare, so a set time can automatically curtail your annoyance by closing the blinds when the glare is at its worst. Alternatively, you can go to your mobile app and turn off the automated setting if you prefer to bask in the sunlight’s warmth.


Protecting your home’s assets and family members is easier than ever with automated shading. Because you can manage your motorized blinds through your mobile device, you can operate them even when you’re away. If you plan to be gone for several days, you can pair light adjustments with shade settings that construct “mockupancy” scenes, which give the illusion that family members are moving around the house. This has been proven to deter potential intruders from targeting your home. Furthermore, if you go to bed and forget to close your blinds, your automated blinds have you covered.

Energy Savings

Did you know that windows leak up to 50% of your home’s energy? This leads to an increase in your heating and air conditioning bills. However, motorized blinds will keep more cash in your wallet through automated adjustments that work to keep your house as cool or warm as you need, no matter the season. Some of our shade options can insulate your home by absorbing or blocking the warmth of the sun depending on your needs.

UV Protection

UV rays damage more than your skin; they also fade your home’s furniture, floors, and artwork over time. UV rays are also powerful enough to reflect off your screens and affect your eyesight. However, it’s possible to minimize damage to your home’s assets and your vision through motorized shading that filters in a balanced amount of natural light.


It’s understandable to be skeptical of automated blinds. Some of them look garish and out of place, others have an audible mechanical noise. However, Xssentials shading solutions offer a diverse range of blinds that can raise your home’s value as a stylish and near-silent technological asset. Some of our shades come in different colors to blend in perfectly with your home décor. A sleek touch screen on your wall also removes the need for remote controls, which minimizes your home’s clutter and optimizes your home’s functioning.

If you’re ready to raise the value of your home by adding an efficient asset, motorized blinds are your next home automation solution! Our team of experts at Xssentials can help you design and install a system perfect for your lifestyle. Contact us today to get started!