Xssentials Outdoor Entertainment

One of the beauties of an integrated home system and modern technology is that it’s not limited to inside your home. Nearly all the entertainment you’ve come to appreciate indoors can actually be brought outdoors – if done properly and with the right products. From outdoor TVs to landscape rock speakers to waterproof remote controls – we have just what you need to set the mood in the backyard this Spring & Summer season!

1. Add automated lighting to set the mood
From your covered areas to the landscaping, we can tie in your lighting to the automated control and customized time settings.

2. ”Rock out” with landscape rock speakers
They really can fool you for actual rocks. Our waterproof landscape speaker options are a great way to entertain in the back yard without the gaudy speakers.

3. BBQ while watching the big game on your big screen
With outdoor enclosures and and even weather resistant TV’s, we can help you enjoy your TV where the summer party is.

4. Expand your wifi network out by the pool
Don’t think your coverage has to stop at the back door. We special extenders, we can securely bring WiFi where you want it when you want it.

5. Controlled heaters are nice when for those cooler evenings.
We can integrate climate control over specified areas to find just the right level of comfort – even if it doesn’t seem like “outdoor” weather.

6. Home automation can combine all systems.
What makes outdoor TV, speakers, lighting, and more even better? Controlling it all from a single interface. Home Automation goes outside too!

7. We can hide subwoofers underground – how cool is that?!
Step up your outdoor audio with the ground shaking base of an underground outdoor rated subwoofer. They’re so cool!

8. Don’t forget about the weatherproof cables & equipment
In order to ensure proper performance and lasting function on your outdoor AV equipment, we make sure the connections are also rated for outdoor use.

9. Use your smartphone to access your system.
With a proper Home Automation system setup, step outside with your mobile device and the perfect outdoor entertainment oasis is just a tap away.

10. Now grab a drink, sit back, & enjoy your outdoor entertainment!
We’re confident you can handle this step! 🙂 For the rest of the above, give us a call to learn more.

Contact us today to learn how Xssentials can help with your outdoor entertainment.