There’s no doubt that lighting can alter your mood, whether harsh fluorescent lights cause you stress and irritation or soft warm light puts you at ease. However, correct lighting in your home is linked to improved health benefits. Automated lighting systems are helping many homeowners battle fatigue and burnout.

As many homes have also become an office, it’s possible your lighting has been playing a part in causing you to feel sluggish, anxious, fatigued, or even melancholy, and you don’t even notice. Maybe you’ve become less productive lately. Research by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that certain electric light exposure at night can increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer. So in the interest of keeping you and your family as healthy as possible, here’s how automated lighting can increase your well-being.

Blue light stimulates our minds more than warmer colors. That’s why it’s hard to fall asleep once daylight begins drifting through your window in the morning and how your phone can keep you up many hours after you should have fallen asleep. Our bodies respond with energy and alertness when exposed to blue light. But homeowners with few windows or those who draw the blinds and close the curtains may struggle to get enough blue light in the morning.

Controlling the Light of Your Home Automatically

Smart home technology is present in most households, whether you own a voice assistant or can control your home entertainment systems through your smartphone. These solutions are easily applied to your lighting systems as well.

Once you’ve decided to add smart lighting to a particular set of rooms or your entire house, you can decide the different interactions you want to use. For example, a touch screen on the wall can easily dim any light, an app on your mobile device can shut off the lights in a separate room, a dedicated keypad sets an automated “scene” with a single button, or a voice command dims your dining room in time for dinner.

It’s possible to program your lights to match with your home schedule at set times. Set blue lights to turn on around the same time your alarm does and increase in brightness slowly as your morning progresses to wake up energized. Around 8 pm, your lights can automatically begin to dim to help your kids and those suffering from insomnia prepare for a night of deep sleep.

If you can’t integrate a whole-home smart lighting system, we suggest placing them in high-traffic spaces of your house to maximize its usage and value, such as your kitchen or living room. Each member of your family will be able to use its benefits, and through voice command or mobile app control, you’ll empower family members who may be disabled to still control lighting.

Beyond Well-Being: Automated Lighting Offers Many Benefits

Beyond smart lighting’s benefit of adjusting our sleep schedules for overall health and well being, smart lighting also enhances your home’s design. You’ll be able to create a perfect mood for your home as the day progresses, so you can transform a particular space into an entirely new atmosphere with the touch of a button through a centralized control system.

The whole family will be able to easily operate the Xssentials products and systems from a touch screen, keypad, mobile device or tablet, and voice-controlled assistants. Smart lighting systems can also double as security measures and grant you peace of mind.

  • You’ll never come home to a dark house with automated exterior lights that switch on after the suns sets.
  • In case of an emergency, every light in the home can be set to switch on.
  • When you leave the house, use your smartphone to ensure all your lights have shut off to save energy.
  • On the other hand, program different sets of lights to switch on and off throughout the day to simulate an occupied home to deter burglars.

We design a variety of smart home solutions and offer products and services that bring new life to your home. Our lighting systems are maximized when working with other smart home technology, including:

  • Automated Shades
  • Audio & Video Systems
  • HiFi Audio
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Energy Management
  • Surveillance
  • Security Solutions

When you’re ready to brighten up your family’s well being or incorporate other smart home solutions, contact our team at Xssentials today.