Now that autumn has arrived, the air is becoming crisper in the mornings and evenings. However, many of us are still experiencing relatively warm days. Your thermostat may be working extra to keep your home comfortable despite the fluctuating temperatures outside. This is usually when energy costs begin rising, but they don’t have to! A home can leak around half its heating and cooling through windows, so the quality and timing of your shades can play a big role in keeping your home at a suitable temperature. Our team at Xssentials offers window treatments that will do just the trick, no matter your preference. Here are our favorite automated shading solutions that will keep your home comfortable no matter the weather.

Insulated Cellular Shades

For homeowners seeking a window treatment that effectively blocks the heat of the sun, insulated cellular shades may be the perfect option for you. When unfurled, they can reduce solar heat by up to 60% through their honeycomb design. When stowed, they fold up similarly to an accordion, so you can bask in the warmth of the sun. Their insulated design is also fantastic at helping keep heat from escaping through your windows on cooler days.

Automated shades grant homeowners the freedom to set timed schedules for blinds to close and open, meaning you can open the blinds to welcome the warm hours of a sunny day and then shut them to trap the heat at night. Timed schedules also remember to close the blinds in case you forget. Take in the morning sunlight as you get ready for work and leave the house knowing your system will close your blinds for you. Even better, by setting your system to retract the shades within minutes before you usually return home, you’ll be able to enjoy the final hours of daylight.

Roller Shades

Many homeowners are understandably concerned that automated blinds may look bulky and out of place in their homes. Roller shades are known for having a wide range of elegant options at affordable prices for anyone wanting to monitor the heat and light coming through the home. They blend perfectly into any kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

Imagine the day you are home, your shades can track the path of the sun so you can welcome light, but not heat. This means that when the sun rises in the east, your west-facing windows have wide open shades that incrementally close during the day until they are fully shut by sunset. Meanwhile, your east-facing windows begin the day closed and end the day open! Automated systems can use “scene” settings that allow you to choose the shade schedule you’d like to use for the day. You could create schedules for being at home, at work, or even on vacation with the touch of a button.

Woven Wood

Are you a homeowner who seeks an eco-friendly lifestyle? Woven wood shades will feel natural in your home, with blinds of organic material such as bamboo, reeds, or linen. They are well-known for their feature to fit nearly any width or height of a window. The natural fibers of woven wood shades also allow more light to enter the home, so if you want to sleep in late, additional blackout liners can offer more privacy and darkness. Even though more light is filtering through into the home, woven wood shades effectively block 100% of UVA and UVB rays that harm eyesight, damages skin, and fade décor. Due to the heavier weight of woven wood shades, motorization is a necessity for family members who otherwise can’t adjust the blinds by hand.

Automated shades give every member the ability to operate them even if they can’t reach the top of a tall window. A remote control, app, or voice command is used in place of the long cord traditionally used to draw, open, and close blinds. These cords pose a strangulation risk for pets and small children, but automated shades are safe for every member of the family.

Vertical Drapery Tracks

For homeowners who want a unique alternative to a more traditional appearing window treatment, vertical drapery tracks add dramatic flair, and you can choose between a range of materials from lush drapery to vertical slatted panels for a range of insulation options. Once your vertical drapery begins sequestering the heat where you want it, you’ll notice lower energy bills. The modern version of this motorized system will pull the blinds up and away from the windowsill for an elegant appearance. This style usually looks best for floor-to-ceiling windows. Many homeowners don’t want to feel they have to entirely block out the sunlight for a sense of privacy. The slats of vertical blinds open and close at an angle that blocks visibility but still welcomes in plenty of light.

Roman Shades

Are you a ­homeowner who is serious about cutting back on energy bills? The user-friendly design and modern aesthetic of roman shades are quickly becoming popular with most homeowners. Roman shades are well-renowned for their detailed temperature control and ability to block the sunlight, which varies depending on the material you choose. Roman shades are insulated with thermal acrylic foam, which we believe to be the most efficient choice for maintaining your home’s interior temperature. No matter what style or color you seek, roman shades can offer elegance while keeping your home cool in summer, warm in winter, and perfectly cozy in the fall and spring.

Perhaps you’re beginning to imagine woven wood shades to match your bohemian living room or luxurious vertical drapery for the windows lining your tall bedroom walls. Whether you still have questions about roman shades or you’re ready to bring insulated honeycomb shades to your household, our team at Xssentials is ready to help you choose the best energy-efficient option for your home. Contact us today to begin!