As we progress into 2023, we’ve noticed advancements within smart home automation that are rising in popularity with consumers. These trends build atop the movement of connected devices; there are currently 20.4 billion connected devices that offer comfort, security, and convenience. Here are Xssentials’ four smart home trends that are making their mark in home automation.

Voice Assistants and AI

More households are incorporating voice assistants and AI in daily life. Homeowners are adjusting their music with Google Home and controlling the lights through Amazon Echo. These platforms feature AI like providing the weekly weather forecast or adjusting your thermostat once you’ve left the home. As these features become more prevalent, AI will become widely adopted by all. Furthermore, as voice command is more popular than ever, virtual assistants are appealing through their hands-free control.

Efficient Energy Management

An increasing number of households are interested in lowering their carbon footprint through decreased home energy consumption. Luckily, smart systems can help. For example, LED smart lighting and thermostats curb energy waste when you’re away from home or sleeping. Smart thermostats operate on automated schedules; some sense when a family member is home and adjusts the temperature as necessary. These smart devices will learn the familial routines and adapt to optimize your usage so you can use less energy without too much effort. Smart lighting operates through motion detection to lower your energy bills too. When it comes to water, smart home systems can track water usage so you can adjust the time you let appliances like your sink and shower run. Furthermore, more homeowners have invested in a rainwater harvesting system to water plants or flush toilets, which is a great option for anyone with high water bills or tight water usage restrictions.

Helpful Household Robots

By the end of this year, approximately 10% of households in the country will have a housekeeping robot, which is an assistant programmed to watch over the household and accomplish daily chores like cleaning the floor, from wood to tile to carpet. Some cleaning robots wait until everyone has left the home to begin sweeping or mopping. Others are equipped with cameras to ensure your pets are alright, avoid hitting furniture, or don’t get stuck in a corner. Homeowners with large yards benefit from smart devices that automatically water their vegetable gardens or lawns but know to take a break if rain shows up in the daily forecast. The future will be filled with household robots that can adapt to your home’s schedules.

Convenient Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has been highlighted as one of the most convenient smart devices on the market. Homeowners can remotely monitor and manage their systems with apps on their wearable mobile device, whether they’d like to arm a security system, unlock their door through a smart lock, turn on the lights, open the garage door, or even view a live video feed from a surveillance camera. These automated solutions allow homeowners to stay connected to their homes no matter how far away they may be. Let’s say you forgot to lock a door or shut off a light; your system will send you a quick message to prompt you to make that energy or security adjustment.

It appears these automation trends will be a mainstay for years to come. Their popularity in the market only continues to demonstrate that more homeowners are interested in living in smart homes. Whether you’re curious about a voice assistant or are ready to install a smart energy management system, our team at Xssentials is prepared to design and install a seamlessly integrated system. Contact us today to begin!