Four Targets of Home Security for 2023

Smart home technology is increasingly popular among homeowners, which has led to more user-friendly integrated systems and devices for every function of the home. Many people are using smart devices to boost their home security, and companies like Xssentials offer fully integrated systems that will protect and secure your home. As 2023 approaches, we’ve noticed several major shifts that will be coming within the home security sphere. Here are four main focuses of home security next year.

A Focus on Cybersecurity

The smart devices we use in our home has created the relatively recent phenomenon known as the Internet of Things (IoT), in which certain appliances are operated using an Internet connection. This has resulted in homes that operate efficiently, with automated blinds and smart fridges, but this also increases the possibility of cyber attacks from hackers through multiple points of entry. Unfortunately, most IoT devices, such as your smart thermostat or lights, are equipped with nearly nonexistent security. As more homeowners become concerned with a hacker accessing their Wi-Fi networks and sensitive information, we anticipate seeing more companies heightening the cybersecurity within their devices and systems, or security companies offering new methods to protect your gadgets from hackers.

Advanced Video Analytics

The smart home industry has taken note that as more Americans utilize the Internet to have everything from clothes to dinner to gadgets delivered to their doorstep, homeowners are interested in securing their front doors. Video cameras are the perfect solution to keep a 24/7 watch for packages, visitors, or potential robbers. The addition of smart solutions allows you to integrate cameras into your doorbell or connect to your Wi-Fi network for analytics functionality.

More manufacturers are including features such as facial recognition in video cameras and smart doorbells. An advanced camera can distinguish between different faces and send you a notification, for example, when your kids have arrived home from school. Even certain smart locks feature facial recognition, automatically unlocking the door when it recognizes a family member’s face. Smart doorbells have become incredibly popular and affordable, and we anticipate their video analytics to increase along with options like infrared technology for nighttime visibility and two-way audio for conversing with someone from an app on your smartphone.

Varied Sensor Technology

Sensor technology has become an essential piece in most security systems. You may already have motion sensor security lights on the exterior of your home, but today you can choose sensors that trigger lights, an audible alarm, text notifications, or even calls to the appropriate authorities. Sensors can be placed around the exterior and interior of your home to capture motion, leaks, or anything that may be out of the ordinary.

Window and door sensors around points of entry can prevent burglars or alert you to close the fridge door. If a pipe cracks or bursts, flood sensors will promptly detect the leak so you can take action to minimize the damage. Glass-breaking sensors can also differentiate between a break-in or someone stubbing their toe on a piece of furniture. An advanced motion sensor can count the number of people occupying a room or even differentiate between people and pets.

Device manufacturers are incorporating Wi-Fi, radar, and ultrasound within their sensor technology. For example, the latest Echo smart speakers by Amazon are equipped with ultrasound to detect room occupancy, so your entertainment devices may be able to double as security! The level of integration across seemingly unrelated fields into a single device shows that smart systems really can do it all.

Eco-Friendly Energy Systems

More homeowners are increasingly interested in living an eco-friendly lifestyle, and home security can provide an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. Smart thermostats optimize your energy usage by automatically adjusting the temperature based on patterns of user preferences in combination with the outdoor temperature. In case of a fire, the automated system will shut off HVAC operations to minimize the spread of flames and protect your family and assets.

More Americans are also interested in living in solar-powered homes. Solar-powered security lights and cameras are already available on the market, and as more homeowners opt for this green technology, their prices will drop further. Homes that operate from solar energy also give homeowners the liberty to store excess solar energy to supply their homes in case of a power outage on the rest of the energy grid. Having light and heat during a winter storm, for example, will help every member feel safe and secure no matter what the weather may bring.

Secure Your Home for the New Year

The new year offers exciting new solutions in the smart home security sphere. Here at Xssentials, we’re proud to offer the latest technology available on the market for solutions that will bring you peace of mind. Whether you’d like to install a video camera system with advanced analytics, or you have questions about sensor technology, contact us today to begin!