There’s no doubt about it; your environment influences your mindset. A beautiful, peaceful home increases happiness, creativity, and productivity. Light, color, aroma, music, and other aspects of your environment work together to impact your mood. When you utilize smart home technology, you can take control of your home’s atmosphere to create relaxation of mind and body.

Tedious tasks are made simple with home technology. Users’ health and wellness can increase with smart home solutions that consider the homeowner’s routines, needs, and desires.

Take Control of Your Mood with Smart Lighting

Operate the lights in every room with a smart system connected to your phone, tablet, and/or wall panel. Adjusting brightness and color constructs a mood appropriate for the time of day. If you need a burst of productivity, keep the lights at high brightness and a cool shade of blue-white. For an evening of unwinding, change the lights to a warm and gentle glow, perfect for enjoying dinner or reading a book. Reducing blue light in the few hours before bed allows you to enjoy deeper sleep. You’ll never wonder if you forgot to turn off certain lights; customize settings so lights automatically dim, shut off, change color, or turn on at certain times of the day, so your internal clock can become regulated with the flow of your day.

Grant Independence to Elderly or Disabled Family Members

Individuals within your home who are disabled or elderly truly benefit from living in a smart home, especially with voice-command technology. These virtual assistants turn off lights at the request of your mother in a wheelchair or turn up the temperature for your kid on crutches. But they can also call emergency hotlines at a vocal request if someone has fallen, admitted suicidal thoughts, broken a bone, suffered a burn, or witnessed a burglary. Knowing that help is never far from your more vulnerable family members can leave you with peace-of-mind if you need to leave town for an extended period.

Strengthen your Immune System with Air Quality & Temperature Control

You can purify your air with smart systems. An app connected to your system can track and control your filtration equipment to ensure your air remains fresh and clean, and alert you when it need maintenance. Integrating a thermostat with your air purifier also controls individual room temperature. Automatic adjustments can keep your bedroom comfortably warm when waking up in winter mornings and your kitchen cool when cooking on summer nights. By scheduling your thermostat to adjust a few degrees as the seasons change, you can boost your immune system against the flu and allergy seasons. Now, every member of the family will have healthy lungs.

Improve Family Dynamics with Multi-Room Audio

No matter your age, everyone loves listening to music. Sonos compared households that played music daily to those who played none and they found the musical household had more positive moods, happier relationships, and cooked meals. A whole-home audio system can result in a more harmonious family. With your smart system connected to speakers in whatever rooms you please, you can use your phone, tablet, or wall panel to sync audio to changing lights, select an album, and adjust the volume with different settings in every room. Create settings that automatically play your oldies playlist in your bedroom in the morning to start your day in a joyful mood. Music can add a soundtrack to your life.

Track your Kids’ Education & Mental Health

Smart technology can support your student’s learning, as Amazon Alexa and Google Home teach vocabulary, foreign language, and spelling lessons with a simple command. Maryville University found there is a connection between mental health and learning success, so students who can achieve their goals with the help of a virtual assistant can also grow up with improved mental well-being. Furthermore, Google & Amazon have incorporated features requiring children to ask for things politely so your kids won’t become demanding adults. If you want to transform your home into a healthier environment, call us at Xssentials today to get started!