Lighting in our homes does more than just allow us to see – it shapes the ambiance and mood of our living spaces. The Lutron Sunnata touch dimmer is a product that recognizes this, bringing the future of lighting control into our homes with a simple swipe.

Effortless Elegance with Advanced Technology

The Lutron HRST-PRO-N-WH Sunnata dimmer isn’t just a switch; it’s a statement. It brings with it LED+ Advanced Technology, ensuring smooth dimming capabilities across a diverse range of lighting options – from energy-saving LEDs to the warm glow of incandescent bulbs​.

Installation Simplicity

The beauty of the Sunnata touch dimmer lies not only in its sleek design but also in its ease of installation. With a three-step process that takes as little as 15 minutes, it’s designed to work with existing wiring in homes of any era – no neutral wire necessary​.

A Consistent Aesthetic

Homes with multiple lighting areas will benefit from the Sunnata’s consistent look and feel across different locations. The design is seamless, ensuring that each room maintains a uniform aesthetic, regardless of the lighting requirements​​.

Find Your Light in the Dark

Gone are the days of fumbling for the light switch in a dark room. The Sunnata dimmer features a soft glow that guides you, making it easy to find the switch when you need it most​​.

The Perfect Lighting, Every Time

Personalization is at the heart of the Sunnata experience. With the MyLevel feature, you can customize the brightness of the light bar and set your favorite light level for the perfect lighting atmosphere every time​​.

Designed for Professionals and Homeowners Alike

The Sunnata touch dimmer isn’t just for those looking to upgrade their home lighting; it’s also the preferred choice among professionals. Its next-generation technology and design make it a product that lighting experts are excited to recommend to their clients​.

Versatility in Compatibility

With the HRST-PRO-N-WH model, you’re getting a PRO LED+ dimmer that offers phase-selectable dimming for different load types, making it versatile for a range of lighting applications. It supports multi-location dimming, so you can control your lighting from any location in your home with a matching light bar for consistency and convenience​.


Transform the way you think about lighting with the Lutron Sunnata touch dimmer. It’s more than a switch; it’s a lifestyle enhancement that brings comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury into your daily life. For the discerning homeowner who values both functionality and aesthetics, the Sunnata touch dimmer is an investment in the quality of your home’s lighting.