In the rapidly evolving world of smart homes, a robust and secure network is not just a luxury but a necessity. As of November 2020, the United States boasted about 47.38 million smart households, with numbers expected to grow significantly​​. Xssentials stands at the forefront of providing cutting-edge networking solutions, ensuring your smart home is not only efficient but also secure from potential cyber threats.

The Cornerstone of Smart Home Networking

Secure Your Router

A router is your home’s digital gateway. Securing this gateway is critical as an unsecured router can be an easy target for cyberattacks. Xssentials recommends investing in routers with strong security reputations, changing default admin passwords, and using multiple networks with different access credentials for smart devices and guests​​.

Invest in Cloud Services

Cloud services play a pivotal role in managing and securing your smart devices. They offer an added layer of security with features like two-factor authentication and complex passwords, making it challenging for unauthorized users to gain access​​.

Assessing and Mitigating Risks

Understanding Device Vulnerabilities

No system can be entirely immune to risks, but understanding and mitigating these risks is possible. For instance, outdoor systems like garage door openers and smart sprinklers are more vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, it’s crucial to evaluate the risk-benefit ratio of each device you integrate into your smart home system​​.

Regular Updates and Maintenance

Keeping your devices updated is a simple yet effective way to secure your network. Regular updates often fix security vulnerabilities and enhance overall performance. Xssentials emphasizes the importance of updating device software and being cautious about the permissions granted to associated apps​​.

Advanced Networking Solutions by Xssentials

Seamless Integration and Installation

At Xssentials, we specialize in installing and configuring various levels of networks, from basic peer-to-peer to server-based networks. Our technicians ensure a seamless installation process with no visible wires, maintaining the aesthetics of your home while enhancing its functionality​​​​​​.

Power Management in Smart Homes

Innovative Power Distribution

Power management is crucial for the smooth operation of connected devices. Xssentials offers solutions from leading brands like Wattbox, Furman, and BlueBOLT, which include features like remote reboot capabilities, power conditioning, and UPS to ensure uninterrupted and stable power supply​​.

Remote Reboot and Power Conservation

Remote reboot capabilities allow you to manage devices from anywhere, potentially reducing onsite service calls significantly. BlueBOLT, for instance, offers a cloud-based platform for controlling and monitoring power management products​​. Additionally, scheduling power conservation helps reduce energy bills and environmental impact​​.


Building a smart home network requires more than just connecting devices. It involves creating a stable, secure, and efficient environment. Xssentials’ networking solutions are designed to empower homeowners, providing them with the tools and technology to build a robust backbone for their smart homes. Whether it’s securing your router, managing power distribution, or installing a comprehensive network system, Xssentials has the expertise to elevate your home automation experience.

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