You can make your climate control system work for you by saving both energy and money while keeping your home cozy. Whether or not your system “came with the house,” you can still get the most of out it. But how do you start without freezing in winter and sweating in summer? We have several practical settings for your thermostat that you change with the seasons.

Take Over: Invest in a programmable thermostat

If you only do one thing for your climate control system, you should get a programmable thermostat. Simply installing one isn’t enough; you need to optimize it to see the best results. It’s the easiest way to control your home’s temperature through settings programmed to change throughout the day. Here at Xssentials, we personally recommend a thermostat that grants you the options for multiple “scenes”.

Activate energy saving mode

There’s 8 hours in the day when everyone in the family is busy with school, work, or other appointments. This is the perfect time to set your thermostat to energy saving mode, which you can adjust with the seasons. If you don’t want to come home that’s either sweltering or frigid, you can even set your climate settings to begin shifting half an hour before the first person arrives home. Another perk of an energy-saving setting is that you get to save money too.

Adapt smoothly with the seasons

Want to continue saving energy while preserving your health? Adjust your temperature settings gradually throughout the year, which can prevent allergies or tension headaches that are caused by sudden shifts in temperature. By gradually changing the temperature settings by a degree or two, you’ll find more control over while keeping your home comfortable and your body healthy.

Keep Regular Maintenance

Pay attention to potential disconnects between your HVAC system and your thermostat that affect your climate control. If it’s broken, get it fixed soon so you don’t waste energy and lose money. Contact us here at Xssentials, where our team of professionals can help you fix your system or help you choose an upgrade.