Did you know that 1/5 of homes in the world will own at least one smart home device by 2025? The automated solutions market has grown exponentially within a handful of years, and consumers are already in search of sophisticated technology that saves money, increases convenience, and “thinks green.” After some research, Xssentials has found eight home automation trends you can expect to see more often in 2022.

Smarter Energy Systems

More homeowners across the nation want to save energy for both people and the planet. The majority of homes, both old and new, could use smarter heating and cooling systems to save homeowners more money. It’s easy and affordable to install smart thermostats that can regulate both surface heating and cooling at the same time while you use renewable energy sources that help the environment. Program your thermostat to match your personal preferences and day-to-day routines, which can include turning off the system when you’re away from home to maximize energy conservation. One of the best features is that you can use your mobile device to manage your home’s temperature even if you’re away.

Better Health Devices

More people are health-conscious these days, due to both the pandemic and the growing focus on maintaining health and wellness. Closed gyms led to an increase of at-home workout technology, such as the Mirror, Samsung’s Smart Trainer, and the Ultrahuman app paired with Apple Watches to manage fitness goals, track physical changes, and offer advice on healthy eating habits. Some smart gadgets can even monitor your brain waves in sleep patterns. Keep your home free of allergens and disease with smart air purifiers and air conditioners, while a smart doorbell reads the temperature of guests at your front door so you can check guests for basic symptoms of illness before entering your house.

Efficient Work-from-home Solutions

Another effect of the pandemic is the increase in people working from home, and we see remote work being a trend that will likely continue far into the future. Help more employees streamline their workday with home office automation solutions, such as smart displays that present important information alongside coworkers’ faces in front of amusing AI backgrounds which hide your home’s clutter. Many workers already use noise-canceling headphones, but noise-canceling windows that block out neighbors doing yardwork help with quieter background audio in your Zoom calls. All the extra internet usage may put a strain on your existing bandwidth and connection, but the growing presence of mesh Wi-Fi networks will allow remote workers to accomplish all their tasks with a reliably strong connection throughout the entire home.

Sensory Lighting Systems

Automated lighting systems will only grow smarter in 2022 with the ability to pick up on subtle audio or gesture recognition. There are existing sensors that switch the lights on when a person enters a room, but soon they will be able to adjust the intensity of light based on the time of day or level of activity. To increase security measures, light simulations in unoccupied homes will mimic the presence of people throughout different times of the day. Remote management through your mobile device will continue to operate all of these features.

Touchless Tech

Touchless tech is gaining more acceptance, as seen with existing lighting sensors and voice-controlled solutions. Presence detectors can finetune your home’s temperature based on the number of people in a room, and experts predict these sensors will soon be able to differentiate between individuals and movement patterns. This feature would be useful for intrusion detectors in security systems, especially for an empty home or at nighttime. Even the bathroom can benefit from sensor technology, including self-cleaning toilets, temperature-adjusting showers, and plumbing systems that inform homeowners of leaks and shut off the system before the problem magnifies.

Advanced Voice Control and A.I.

Voice-controlled assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have been trailblazers that grant control of the home to each member of the family, from the youngest to oldest. AI-enabled devices already help the family switch on lights, check the weather, and play music, and we anticipate they’ll soon be able to do even more in the home. Although the Internet of Things (the conception of linking physical items to the internet) is still a novel and complicated idea, we understand its presence within the smart home market works to streamline daily life. A new connectivity standard known as Matter is the future of Amazon, Google, and Apple devices to allow communication across name brands. Lastly, we anticipate we’ll be using more robotic solutions in 2022 and further in the future to assist us with cooking, cleaning, babysitting, and healthcare.

What cutting-edge smart home technology would you like to use in 2022? Here at Xssentials, we’re proud to offer some of the most modern tech available on the market, whether you’d like lighting sensors or smart thermostats. Contact us today to learn how you can bring automated solutions into the new year.