An interactive and convenient way of life.

Our world is constantly changing as technological advancements evolve bringing higher intelligence and connectivity. You can look up a wealth of information or get food delivered to your home with a few taps of a button; even cars can drive themselves. But the structure of our homes is the same as those of our parents and grandparents. It’s time for that to evolve as well.

Homes built in the 20th century had a simple purpose as a comfortable residence, a roof over our heads, a physical culmination of a part of the American Dream. This model of the home has been so successful that it remained the standard to which homes have been constructed for nearly a century! Even modern homes that are more spacious, more comfortable, and contain more technology are still technically the shell in which we contain the warmth of family and possessions.

But it’s now 2 decades into the 21st century, and it’s time for homes to come alive through smart tools and systems that are efficient and convenient. Homes that can calculate how best to manage and conserve resources, reduce waste, heighten security, and interact with their homeowners. As we deepen our connection to our homes, life will become ever more productive and streamlined.

Furthermore, owning this kind of home automation technology is growing more affordable than ever, so everyone will soon realize the benefits of an automated home.


Five Benefits of Living in a Smart Home

Have more free time on your hands

Think about how much time we spend doing tasks that should be simple. You want to play music, but first, you have to hunt for your portable speaker and its charger, look up the song or album on your phone’s music library, and then connect your phone to the speaker. But imagine being able to do this with a quick voice command that plays your favorite album in seconds. Through smart home technology, you can. With a few extra minutes saved here and there every day, soon you’ll be able to accomplish things you really care about.

Find more money in your pocket

Although investing in smart home technology may seem a little pricey at first, it’s actually far more expensive to live inefficiently. Your thermostat that runs the air conditioner when no one is home eats into your wallet. By installing a smarter system, your dollar goes further, so you can program the thermostat to turn on the air conditioner 20 minutes before you arrive home. Soon you’ll be operating at maximum efficiency, and save around 30% on your energy bills.

Take comfort in knowing you have a lower environmental impact

An inefficient home not only costs you money, but it costs the environment too. When your home has greater emissions, it contributes to the rapidly changing climate. But with an efficient home, you lessen your carbon footprint and take part in creating a more sustainable world.

Relax with more peace of mind

When we leave our homes, sometimes we realize we forgot to shut the garage door, turn off lights, or unplug the clothes iron. Or did you forget? Whether you did or didn’t, a smart home system allows you to double-check. Most systems come with an app for your cellphone, so you can control your home even when you’re away, resulting in a safe, secure home.

Enjoy added convenience

The invention of the remote controller revolutionized the user experience, and nowadays, you can have a remote controller for nearly anything. Gone are the days of searching for a remote lost in couch cushions. In today’s smart homes, the remote controller is your voice. Even better, you can program your home systems to know exactly what you like, so you’ll have a modern-day personal butler catering to your every need.

In Conclusion

It’s an exciting time to be part of this bright new age of smart home technology and a streamlined lifestyle. By developing a connection with your home, you’ll look at it as more than just a place to shelter. If you’re interested in home automation and would like to learn more, contact us at Xssentials today!