Summer is the best time to make changes, do a bit of cleaning, or make improvements to your life! One way you can do this is by updating some of your home’s functions to make it an easier, convenient, and accessible place to relax as your summer rolls by. But just like summer cleaning, these changes can be tough to get started up so we’ve made a list of the top 10 reasons you should begin tuning up your home systems today!

WiFi System; Check whole house coverage

Is your WiFi running too slowly creating too many of those “hourglass” loading times while you try to watch your favorite TV series? Too many WiFi dead zones around your house, causing your messages to take forever to send? If so, it’s time to checkup and update your home WiFi networks. The most important part about doing so is to ensure that you find a good central location for your internet router to ensure the best possible performance. If you have a larger house, looking into network extenders may be something to consider in order to ensure a stronger connection regardless of where you are within your home.

Update to the latest network security software

With more standard objects around your home becoming ‘smart’, able to connect to the network, like your tv and refrigerator, it’s become extremely important that your network remains secure and strong. Your wireless connection should always be protected by a strong password so you can avoid having your items hacked by thieves hoping to steal your valuable personal information. One of the surest ways to prevent this is to ensure the latest version of your antivirus software is installed including any additional features such as router security and firewall settings to be correctly and optimally configured, guaranteeing you maximum protection. Another strong recommendation is that you keep your more sensitive personal information offline if possible and away from the internet if possible.

Simplify your centralized home automation system

If your home’s systems seem to be going down too often and seemingly acting too glitchy at times, you might want to look into getting your setup examined to see if a simpler and cleaner configuration could improve your online experience. A rewiring of your centralized automation system could be all that it takes to help you regain the network stability that you deserve for all of your devices.

Update your System to use the latest streaming audio services

Your home audio systems can become so much more than a personal collection of CD’s and cassettes. Online streaming services have come in a big way and the current go-to for all musical listening purposes. Just a few of these services include Spotify, Apple Music, and Sirius XM. By hooking up your audio systems directly to services such as these, you could be listening to all of your favorites with just a simple command all throughout your home!

Stabilize your system

You’ve probably invested a lot of time and money into your home automation systems with things advertised to do this and that and to be the greatest installations of all time, right? But after everything was bought and setup, did these purchases really stand up to all of their hype and perform exactly as promised? The answer to that question is most likely a no, which is exactly why it might just be the right time to have a proper team of certified technicians improve and upgrade your systems to be up-to-date and cutting edge by discussing your needs to find out how they can meet your actual expectations. This can ensure a system which performs capably and reliably. (tip: call Xssentials, we’ll send a team out for a no-cost evaluation)

You save more time

Home Automation Systems are designed specifically to make your life a little bit easier. It can often make tedious, everyday tasks a little less so with convenience by saving you a bit of time here and there. If you’re living in a smart home now, you will definitely have an idea of what we’re talking about. Even so, now is the best time to tweak your home’s controls and settings to ensure everything remains or gets back into the best possible shape for you and your family. If however, you don’t have a smart home, now is could be the perfect time to make the investment!

You can also save energy (and money!)

A major feature of a Home Automation System is not simply just fun and convenience; it can be a practical and smart investment by saving you major big bucks on your energy bill every month. Your smart home can do this through custom lighting, heating and appliance programming which can allow you to specify the time of day everything should be turned on or off. For example, by programming an “away” mode, with the simple press of a button, you can have your whole home programmed to turn off the lights, audio, and TV’s, and adjust the thermostats accordingly while activating your security system.

You’ll never miss the game again

Why should your enjoyment of today’s Big Game be confined to your cluttered living room? With our systems and weather-resistant televisions, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore! With a little bit of help, you can take the fun outdoors and watch the game directly from your grill or while you relax in the hot tub. Our outdoor accommodations also make it possible for you to have speakers installed throughout your home, including outside, which ensures full synchronization of sound through a single-source audio.

You’ll find peace of mind

Do you feel as though your home security system is lacking? With our help you can beef up your security with reliable camera systems and dynamic movement sensors to ensure that your house is the safest one on the block. By improving your security, you can sleep more soundly at night knowing that your security system is made up of some of the most state-of-the-art equipment available on the market!

Now’s the time to integrate Alexa into your control system

To really give your home automation system the punch it needs, now is the best time to incorporate the latest voice-activation features found within Amazon’s Alexa. With full hands and a too much to do, just ask Alexa to help you out a bit. “Alexa, turn on master bedroom Apple TV”, “Alexa, turn off bedroom lights and arm the security”. With Alexa, you can get help with just about any electronic device you’re not quite free enough to interact with yourself. Alexa could be an outstanding addition to your home and an even more outstanding personal helper for yourself. Ask us today about how we can integrate Alexa into your home system.