Voice Control

The next big step in how we interact with our home and environment is voice control. Voice control opens up an easy and seamless way of living by expanding the ways we interact with our surroundings. Now it only takes a simple request to be able to have control over all your smart home systems. One thought and you are able to open and shut the blinds, turn off the lights, or choose the next song just by asking. It’s the perfect complement to any home.

Voice Controlled Lighting Systems

Reinvent the way you see your smart home with the exciting prospect of voice controlled lighting systems! There are many advantages to having a voice-activated lighting system in your home. No longer will you need to flick a switch to brighten up your rooms. With a simple word, you can activate any lights within your house. Turn overhead lights, lamps, and backlighting on or off, dim them, or even command them to change into different colors to set the mood. Control rooms independently or unify them all to allow you to control any light from any room.

You can even extend the system to your outdoor lighting like porch and pool lights. Forget to turn the porch light off before climbing in bed? Not a problem anymore; control is now at the tip of your tongue instead of the tip of your finger! Adding voice control does not remove any of your existing controls. Your phones, switches, and remotes will continue to work with the same smart home systems. The future looks bright with Xssentials voice-controlled lighting systems!

Voice Controlled Sound Systems

Home assistants are a game-changer when it comes to home sound system automation. Control your sound system entirely with your voice. Today’s technology allows the system to hear and act on your commands even while playing your favorite song in impeccable quality. Don’t let the music stop you! Voice control can also manage the other aspects of your smart home, both inside and out. Take the party with you whichever part of the house you go to, including your backyard.

Voice control is a faster alternative to searching for the next song on your touchscreen device or turning dials to find the right station. Simply give the command and the song that’s been stuck in your head is projected throughout your home. Voice control does not remove any of your existing controls. Your phones, switches, and remotes will continue to work, you just will not want to use them! We install your voice control systems all throughout your home so you will be able to interact with your sound system from anywhere you’d please. It’s time to innovate your home with Voice Control from Xssentials!