In the world of smart home automation, the Lutron QSPS-10PNL Sivoia QS Smart Panel emerges as a game-changer, especially for those seeking sophisticated and streamlined control over their window treatments. Designed to simplify wiring and enhance the organization of installations involving multiple Sivoia QS window treatments, this smart panel is a testament to Lutron’s commitment to innovation and functionality.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Voltage Compatibility: The panel is designed to operate on a 120-240 V~ circuit, accommodating a broad spectrum of residential and commercial electrical systems​
  • ​.Design and Dimensions: Sporting a sleek black color, the panel measures 18″ in height, 10.88″ in width, and 4.16″ in depth, making it compact yet capable​​​​.
  • Power and Connectivity: Each panel houses ten NEC® Class 2/PELV outputs, providing both power and communication to connected devices. This ensures a reliable and efficient setup for your Lutron QS lighting or shading devices​​​​.
  • Installation Flexibility: The panel supports a flexible wiring topology, simplifying installation and allowing for easy integration into existing systems. Its smart diagnostics feature facilitates system verification, reducing setup time significantly​​​​.
  • Capacity: With ten outputs, the panel can power a range of 10 to 30 shades depending on the dimensions, making it a versatile solution for both small and large spaces​​.
  • Protection and Safety: Fuses on each output protect devices in the event of a miswire, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your installation​.

The Unparalleled Advantage

The Lutron QSPS-10PNL Sivoia QS Smart Panel is not just another addition to your smart home but a cornerstone of convenience and efficiency. Its ability to streamline the management of multiple window treatments and other system devices transforms the everyday act of controlling natural light into a seamless and effortless experience. Whether for residential or commercial settings, this smart panel offers unmatched control, flexibility, and ease of use.

  • Easy System Testing: Equipped with manual override buttons for shades and lighting, the panel allows for straightforward system testing and operation, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and efficiently​
  • ​​​.Innovative Plug-in Design: For enhanced versatility, the panel is ready to accommodate up to two 5-output power supply modules (model WIN-PS-5CC-R sold separately), providing expandability and customization to meet specific needs​


The Lutron QSPS-10PNL Sivoia QS Smart Panel represents a significant leap forward in smart home technology, offering users unparalleled control over their shading systems with ease and precision. Its comprehensive feature set, coupled with Lutron’s reputation for quality and innovation, makes it an essential component for anyone looking to enhance their smart home or commercial space. With the QSPS-10PNL, Lutron once again sets the standard for smart shading solutions, promising a future where comfort, convenience, and control are always within reach.