A Bright Idea for Your Home’s Lighting

When it’s time for a home improvement project or even a new build, lighting is one aspect that often escapes our mind. Even builders don’t give much thought to light switch placement, resulting in haphazard designs. But lighting plays a major role in contributing to the ambiance of your home as much as the décor. When you let a certified lighting designer take control of your home’s lighting with LED lighting design, you’ll find you live in a home that looks and operates smoothly, saves energy, and is easy to manage.

Dining Room Lighting

Imagine stepping into your favorite restaurant for dinner where the lights are dim and cast warm-toned light to create an inviting atmosphere. You’ll want your home’s dining room to replicate this welcoming ambiance. Through lighting design, you’ll be able to control your dining room’s lighting with your phone, tablet, or a wall panel. Perhaps during meal times, you’ll want your lights to glow soft and warm. But, if your child is working on an art project, bright cool-toned lights will encourage focus. We recommend including smart sensors that can toggle the lights on and off when people enter and exit the room to save energy.

Kitchen Lighting

Another highly social area of the home is the kitchen; a place of cooking and camaraderie. It’s important that your lights are ready to match the activity and mood. Think about what type of lighting you want, and where you want it. Do you want LED lights underneath cabinets to accentuate décor or light above your stovetop to make cooking clearer than ever? A lighting designer can help you choose the best locations for these lights and program them in any combinations you want, including brightness and color temperature settings. Control the lights with smart switches to easily change to cleaning, cooking, dinner time, and many other modes in seconds.

Landscape Lighting

Of course, lighting design extends beyond the interior of your home. You’ll want lights for your front porch, back patio, outdoor living spaces, garden, and pool! If you want, exterior lighting is where you can get really creative. With a smart LED system, you can choose all kinds of colors for your bulbs, like blue or green to give your pool added depth or your garden a magical glow. A designer can build a landscape lighting system that both highlights your home’s exterior features and works effectively to light up your driveways and entrances.

Landscape lighting can also be utilized to protect your home when you’re on vacation or at work. Leaving your home noticeably unoccupied with no lights means leaving it vulnerable to break-ins and robberies. With smart LEDs, you can set lights to toggle on and off automatically at night through your control system, so it appears that there’s always someone home.

Whole House Lighting

Overall, having LED lights grants you more freedom to customize the atmosphere of your home in a way that incandescent or fluorescent bulbs cannot achieve. Furthermore, LED lights are better at conserving energy and have longer lifespans, meaning you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint. Who knew that an essential part of happier, healthier homes included your choice of lighting?

With the expertise of a lighting professional, your home will be brighter than ever! Please contact us at Xssentials today to get started.