As COVID-19 numbers are rising again in much of the United States, many of us have found ourselves working from home to comply with social distancing. Although it’s been a strange time for those from all walks of life, we have found ways to adapt to the at-home working lifestyle.

By now, you have probably adjusted from the large collaborative conference room presentations to online video conferencing systems. But there are ways to take your at-home productivity one step further with centralized control in your home.

Video conferencing

During COVID-19, the top emerging technology has been video conferencing. Remote workers need to be able to communicate with their colleagues and clients effectively, and the presence of facial expression and body language can ensure the success of pitch or presentation, the trust from a client, and more.

Although you’re at home, that doesn’t mean your level of professionalism has to decrease. Integration partner Crestron offers the Flex tabletop device, a Video Conference System Integrator, which optimizes your home office into the perfect Zoom conference room through high-quality video, crisp audio, and instantaneous sharing capabilities.

Wherever you find space to work, Crestron’s Flex system transforms it into an executive boardroom. Its systems can support single or double displays, is equipped with a 4k camera and quad array microphones with a 20 ft range. Your clients won’t be able to tell you’re working from home.

Crystal clarity

Stop feeling frustrated with the entanglement of wires and connections at home. The first portable wireless conference system is here with Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Wireless for online meetings. TeamConnect can host a conference room for up to 24 people, allowing you to conduct professional online meetings within minutes. Furthermore, it allows for multiple connection options, including Bluetooth for smartphones, tablets, or PCs, and USB or a 3.5mm jack for everything else. Simultaneous audio channels allow you to add more callers to your meeting easily.

Comfort at work and home

Now that you’ve been working with top-notch audio and video at your home office, perhaps you feel ready to expand the quality to the rest of your home. Luckily, your transition can be smooth and easy; controlling all these fixtures is a simple feat from a single smart control system.

With Lutron lighting control, you can operate all your lighting fixtures through voice command or a few taps from your smart device, touch screen, or remote. Whether you want to brighten your dimmers, roll up your motorized shades, or adjust the color temperature of LED lights, you can adjust the lighting to your lifestyle needs. During the day, bright lights in cool tones can help your productivity reach new heights, while they can automatically adjust to a softer, warm hue later in the day to encourage rest and relaxation.

But smart lighting barely scratches the surface of your home’s potential. A central smart home system can control your security system, climate control, lighting, and audiovisual entertainment systems.

Here at Xssentials, our team of certified professionals is prepared to help you optimize your remote work lifestyle. Whether you want to incorporate conference-specific technology or make your home smarter to streamline your day, we’re here to help you choose, install, and set up all your products and systems. Contact us today to get started!